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Design Insight is a weekly newsletter for creatives.

In each edition, you’ll find curated articles, resources, tools, and tips to improve how you design, all in less than 2 minutes a week.

I'm looking to partner with people and companies in the areas of design, creativity, and productivity so please consider this before buying an ad spot. To get a sense of what Design Insight is about I recommend reading through the archives.

Newsletter Overview (last updated 6th Jun)

Audience: Creatives and Designers

Subscribers: 163

Open Rate: ~43%

Frequency: Weekly - Every Friday at 5 pm GMT

What You'll Get

Buying an ad spot in Design Insight will get you a text-only ad in the Classifieds section. There are only 2 of these per issue.

A classified ad spot contains a title, a link to your resource, and a 160-character text description of your resource.

You can use this spot to promote your side project, your website, your Twitter profile, your newsletter, or just to say hello 👋

Here's an example of a classified ad:

This product is not currently for sale.

1 classified ad spot in an edition of Design Insight

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Design Insight - Ad Spot